Special products

Fastening accessories

We are specialized in the manufacturing of any kind of fastening or deck accessories, in any design or material, following customers’ specifications.


We manufacture any kind of machined part, for example studs, on request.

Wing bolts and bow nuts with threaded shaft

We manufacture several types of wing bolts and bow nuts with threaded shaft following customers’ specifications.


We manufacture several types of plugs following customers’ specifications.

Rope cutting blades

We have in stock rope cutting blades manufactures in stainless steel AISI-316. We manufacture these blades in any other material on request.

Bottom plugs for draining tanks

We manufacture bottom plugs designed for draining tanks. The plug consists of three parts:

Ship’s pipe U-bolts

We manufacture several types of ship’s pipe U-bolts in stainless steel AISI-304, stainless steel AISI-316 and zinc coated steel following customers’ specifications.

Locking devices for hatches

We design and manufacture locking devices for hatches.

Deck lids

We manufacture several types of deck lids following customers’ specifications.

Locking wedges

We manufacture several types of locking wedges following customers’ specifications.

Multipurpose putty

The multipurpose putty offers excellent adhesion and hardness that allow reconstructing, protecting and sealing cracks or defects in any material. It can be applied on any surface, even immersed in water. Once hardened, it can be machined, sanded or painted.

Jointing compound

Hylomar is a non-setting gasket and jointing compound with excellent thermal and chemical resistance. Operating temperature: -50 to +250ºC. It is resistant to a wide range of automotive and industrial fluids. Can be used as a gasket dressing or as a thread sealant.