Tank verification gadgets

This type of gadgets manufactured in aluminium is used to verify the tightness of tanks and reservoirs.


Through the lower standard flange, we connect the gadget to the tank that we would like to check its tightness. From the upper funnel the "U" tube is filled with clear water (with dye for achieving a better view) to a level of approximately 0.75 meters. The water reaches the same level in the two branches of the “U”, because at that moment the tank pressure equals the atmospheric. Through the lower valve we inject pressurized air into the column, which we already have connected to the tank. 

When it reaches a pressure of 0.1 or 0.15 bars, the water in the “U” will unbalance the corresponding height. We stop then injecting air and we mark in the scale the water unbalance in the “U”. If the unbalance is kept constant over a period of time, the deposit is watertight. At the end of the test the air is drawn through the valve in the upper part of the gadget. If the test is performed with more pressure than the prescribed, the water in the “U” will be ejected from the filling side.

The gadget can be handled easily by a single person, as its weight is less than 20 kilos.